How Climate Change Can Lead to Violence and Conflict?

About the Webinar

The scientific world agrees on the fact that violent conflicts can be influenced by environmental events like droughts or flooding. However, there are many debates about the question as to what extent violent conflicts and climate change are related. Some scholars claim, that climate can cause conflicts and that peace can only be lastingly connected with sustainable forms of living, while others limit climate´s influence to an additional aspect which may contribute to conflicts. These different assumptions also lead to controversial proposals for national and international politics. In a first part, the state of the current debate will be presented in our webinar. We will use a concrete case study to explain the diverse interpretations of climate´s influence on violent conflicts. In a next step we will point out the different conclusions resulting from each interpretation for the concrete conflict and national and international politics. In the end, we try to draw the connection to Don Bosco Green Alliance, and will come up with some thesis, resulting from the presented theories, which could enrich the work of Don Bosco Green Alliance.

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Rebecca Petz

Rebecca is studying Peace and Conflict Studies in Magdeburg. During the studies she took courses related to the topic of climate, as resource conflicts and sustainable development. Thereby, the Green Theory, stating a close relation between violent conflicts and climate, caught her attention. In one of the courses she did a research paper on governance in the context of the sustainable development goals. Within this paper she used the Don Bosco Green Alliance as an example for global active citizenship.

Linda Koch

Linda is studying Peace and conflict Studies in Magdeburg. In her bachelor thesis she researched on the connection between changing environmental conditions and migration. Since 2017 she is a facilitator for the project “Klimagerechterleben” (Climate Friendly Living) and she holds workshops on the topic of climate and flights but also climate (in)justice. Since 2018 she is also a member of the regional committee of the BUND Jugend (an environmental active organization) in Magdeburg. In her researches, due to university and her different engagements, she recognized the connection between climate change and violent conflicts. Therefore, her interest in the topic increased and she currently focuses on different case studies with regards to climate change and conflicts.