On the 11th of May the Abertal Youth Centre, which is the founding member of the Don Bosco Youth Centre Federation in Galicia, has organized a meeting of children’s leisure groups. The meeting took place in Chandebrito where they could contribute with the reforestation after the wave of fires and getting to know and enjoying the environment. The entities that participated  belonged to the federation that included the youth associations as follows: 

The association Centro Juvenile Abertal, founding member of the Federation of Don Bosco Youth Centres in Galicia, organised the meeting of IEF groups – Save the earth!

The meeting started at 11.00 a.m. in Castro de Chandebrito where all the participants were welcomed by the members of the host Association and also by the Community of Mountains with which this meeting was born. There were about 200 participants who enjoyed this day in the vicinity of Chandebrito.

There were about 200 participants who enjoyed this day in the vicinity of Chandebrito.

Organized in groups they had the opportunity to participate throughout the day in activities as diverse as: reforestation, rural cultural challenge, hiking route, games, approach to petroglyphs, fire prevention, contemplation, and so on.

Each group was accompanied by animators who, together with those who carried out each of the activities, facilitated everyone’s participation.

The day concluded with a symbolic and commemorative gesture of the day, which made the experience of care, transformation and improvement of the environment a lasting experience. Also, it was symbolic to transfer this knowledge and experience to other cities where the Federation Don Bosco is active.


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