Don Bosco Green Alliance is an international collective of young people from Don Bosco institutions and organisations that contributes to global environmental action, thought and policy.


Don Bosco Green Alliance is currently focusing on three main areas:

1. Combatting Pollution

2. Reducing Global Warming

3. Eliminating Disposable Plastics



Desertification is a process by which natural or human causes reduce the biological productivity of drylands (arid and semiarid lands). The productivity of land decreases mainly because of causes such…

World Oceans Day

Every year on June 8th, we celebrate World Oceans Day, reminding people of their beauty and the unique characteristics they possess! But World Oceans Day is not the only day…

The Plastic Dilemma

Treating our environment or nature as our home, was something taught to us back in school. For most of us, the thought of nature would conjure up images of scenic…