Savio Silveira



Fr Savio Silveira SDB is a passionate environmentalist and an expert in environmental education.  A staunch supporter of Laudato Si’, he firmly believes that “caring for our common home” should be a key global priority.  In the typical Salesian manner, he focuses on getting young people involved in environmental action.  Fr. Savio holds a Master’s in International Cooperation & Development from the University of Pavia, Italy, which has helped him gain a global perspective on various environmental issues.  As Convener of the Don Bosco Green Alliance, he provides strategic leadership and works at building up the alliance.

Melanie Troxler

Sustainability Officer


Melanie Troxler is chiefly responsible for the Spanish speaking countries in the alliance and for organizational development. She has worked for Don Bosco Jugendhilfe Weltweit in Beromünster, Switzerland for five years and is familiar with Salesian projects all over the world. She has implemented a governance tool in Ciudad Don Bosco in Medellin Colombia to improve the impact and sustainability of the organization. Additionally, Melanie brings in her studies in Business Administration with a major in Public and Non-Profit Management.  You can contact her in German, Spanish, English, French or Italian and she is happy to get back to you.  

Macson Almeida

Executive Secretary


Macson is currently the Executive Secretary of Don Bosco Green Alliance. He has extensive experience working with, both, the private and the social sector. A graduate in Public Policy, Macson has a long-term interest and passion for influencing policy changes to further the goals of sustainable development, education, climate change, and environmental conservation. He is passionate about increasing youth involvement in global decision-making processes on climate change and the environment. As Coordinator, he is responsible for the English-speaking countries and organisational development. 

Malka Doshi

Communications Associate


Malka serves as the communications associate for Don Bosco Green Alliance. She is responsible for developing and executing various communication campaigns for the alliance. As part of her assignment, Malka supports the organization by sharing updates and information through various social media platforms and other communication channels. She also works at creating environmental resources for the members of the alliance.  Malka has previously worked in the NGO sector, during which time she successfully ran a school program, bringing about environmental awareness among the students.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and a Master in Environmental Sciences, and brings in her technical knowledge of these fields to her work.