Obra Social São João Bosco promotes virtual campaigns with challenges in favor of the Environment.

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The month of June is dedicated to caring for the environment and the São João Bosco Social Work, in Campinas – SP, launched the campaign “Rethink, Reconnect, Renew” with its students, even though they are at home because of the new Coronavirus pandemic.

The campaign is a project of Don Bosco Green Alliance, an international platform that brings together institutions, organizations and individuals of the Salesian Family spread throughout the world for the cause of environmental sustainability. The work was inspired by the idea of the organization to launch four challenges to be carried out by the students during the month of June. The challenges were launched through social networks and the children, young people and adults served by the institution made their collaborations by sending images regarding the challenges.

The first challenge was to reduce the use of disposable plastics, one of the sustainable commitments undertaken by the Work. The second challenge was to reduce the consumption of materials, so the proposal was to cook some food recipes that are usually bought at home such as biscuits, cookies, cake, bread. The third challenge was to show that everyone is connected to the environment, so the proposal was to make a home garden with vegetables and herbs. The fourth, and last challenge, was to ask those who were assisted to spread the idea of care, becoming leaders of a local environmental community.

After a vote, a committee formed by the entity to choose the best images sent by those served selected four winning photos. The students received an ecological mug to use at home or in their daily activities.

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