What could be a better example of a Green Heartprint than the Don Bosco statue made out of old scrap and iron made by the Tyrolean artist Isidor Winkler. He has created a new, life-size statue for the 200th birthday of the youth saint Don Bosco, made of old pieces of metal, sheet metal, iron rods, and screws and donated it to the aid organization Jugend Eine Welt in Vienna, Austria.

Isidior Winkler got inspired by Don Bosco and his commitment to children and young people. The artist wanted to express what Don Bosco stands for and we can encounter several symbols that reflect the spirit of Don Bosco: affection (hug), education (book), technical formation (pinzer), sports (ball), community (pennant).

The fact that the statue is made out of waste is another great symbol for the care and awareness for our environment and is a wonderful example of the upcycling movement that is happening right now. Let us be inspired by Isidor Winkler and let us think of how we can make something new out of something old ourselves and leave “green artistic heart prints” in our world. 

Don Bosco’s commitment to children and young people, his ideas – this is what Isidor Winkler wants to show with his Don Bosco statue, “among the people.” “That must not be abstract, that must be concrete, objective, with all its symbols. And that’s why there are children,” explains Isidor Winkler. A Don Bosco without children is actually unthinkable.


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