A conversation on the hopes and demands of grassroots activists in a world threatened by climate crisis

An HLPF 2019 Side Event

11 July 2019

14:00 to 15:30 Hrs.

Commonwealth Joint Office

685 Third Avenue, Suite 1102,

New York, NY 11017

About the event

The event brings young people into a conversation about their hopes and aspirations in a world that is threatened by the adverse effects of climate change. The event is a platform for youngsters to discuss and explore how they are responding physically, emotionally and economically in a world that is facing temperature rise that will lead to extreme weather events with the potential to wreak havoc on their futures.  It will also address the need for climate mitigation through agriculture by enhancing sustainable livelihoods and the importance of household food and nutrition security. Through this event, they look forward to building partnerships across geographies, ideologies, race, gender and beliefs for building youth resilience towards climate change, and to ensure that the voice and participation of the young inform decision making at all levels.




September Kelokelo
Papua New Guinea

September Kelokelo from Papua New Guinea has graduated with a Diploma in Electronics Technology. The current changes in weather patterns, which are causing unexpected environmental effects that especially threaten small islands, has driven her to get actively involved in environmental issues. 

Santiago Corrales

Santiago Corrales is a student at Don Bosco Technical Insitute, Panama City, Panama. He is presently the president of the Eco Club in the institute. He stronly believes that “we need a human heart to take care of God’s creation.” He is working to bring people together as a team to address the many environmental issues he is locally facing in Panama. 

Rebecca Petz

Rebecca Petz is currently studying for the master program in ‘Peace and Conflict Studies’ in Germany. She has been researching the impact of climate change on natural resources, and how this leads to conflict. Rebecca firmly believes that climate change is impacting the future of young people, and hence, governments and large industrial companies must be held accountable for their inaction. 

Abigail Gyabaa

Abigail Gyabaa is from Ghana. Africa is a ‘young’ continent’ and Abigail is keenly aware that climate change is negatively impacting the possibilities and opportunities available to young people in Africa. She is a member of Don Bosco Youth Network West Africa (DBYN) and is actively engaged in addressing environmental concerns. 

William Keyah
William Keyah, is from Kenya. He currently works across the East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan in promotion of Sustainable Agriculture among small holder marginalized households. He is a small holder farmer, passionate about sustainable agriculture and concerned about climate change effects natural resources, and how this leads to conflict. 
Savio Silveira

Fr. Savio Silveira SDB is a passionate environmentalist and an expert in environmental education.  A staunch supporter of Laudato Si’, he firmly believes that “caring for our common home” should be a key global priority.  In the typical Salesian manner, he focuses on getting young people involved in environmental action. As Convener of the Don Bosco Green Alliance, he provides strategic leadership and works at building up the alliance.

Program Schedule


H.E. Mr. Ali’ioaiga Feturi Elisaia

Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Samoa


H.E. The Most Reverend Bernardito Auza

Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations


Moderator: Fr. Savio Silveira, SDB

Founder, Don Bosco Green Alliance


September Kelokelo, Environmental Activist, Papua New Guinea

Santiago Corrales, President, Eco Club ITDB, Panama

Rebecca Petz, Student Researcher, Germany

Abigail Gyabaa, Don Boscy Youth Network – West Africa, Ghana

William Keyah, Sustainable Agricultural Practitioner and Trainer, Kenya





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