Combatting Pollution

«The simple act of breathing is killing 7 million people a year and harming billions more, but a smog of complacency pervades the planet.»

Dr Tedros Adhanom, Director General

World Health Organisation

Pollution accounts for one in every six deaths worldwide, making it the largest killer of people around the globe. Annually, It causes more deaths than war, famine, and disaster. Air pollution is the single biggest environmental health risk, causing roughly 7 million deaths annually. 4,000 children die every day from diseases caused by polluted water and inadequate sanitation.

People from all walks of life are affected by pollution as it does not discriminate against humans. Both the young and the elderly are the victims of this silent killer lurking around us. Children are the worst affected and exposure to harmful pollutants present in the environment from an early age can lead to lifelong health impacts.

Thus, it is a problem that has to be addressed by everybody, since it concerns each aspect of our daily lives. The Don Bosco Green Alliance has undertaken various initiatives to further action on combatting pollution. These include but are not limited to urging our members to participate and encourage tree plantation activities in their campuses, surroundings, and neighbourhood. Our members also support afforestation activities in remote locations by providing financial assistance to such programs.


Implementing proper and non-polluting systems of waste disposal in all member institutions

Ensuring that staff/students opt for least polluting means of commute to schools

Capacity Building and education for combatting pollution

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