Don Bosco Society​

The Don Bosco Society is an international organization that focuses on the education and overall development of young persons. Being present in close to 2000 location across 132 countries, and running over 3000 institutions, it is one of the largest international organizations that engages with young people.

Don Bosco, the founder, was born in Italy in 1815. He began his work in Turin, a city in northern Italy, in 1841. It was the time of the Industrial Revolution and many youngsters were flocking to the city looking for jobs. Unfortunately, being unskilled, they were unable to gain employment, and ended up as miscreants on the streets and even in prison. To remedy this adverse impact of the Industrial Revolution, Don Bosco began educating the youngsters, so as to enable them gain suitable employment and become productive citizens.

Today, a century and more later, we experience yet another adverse impact of the Industrial Revolution – its destructive effect on the environment over the decades. And as Don Bosco responded to the early crisis caused by the Industrial Revolution, the Don Bosco Green Alliance now responds to the environmental crisis that it has caused in the long run.