Alliance Members


The Don Bosco Green Alliance is a growing network, with new members constantly joining the alliance. The members, besides working on the key priority areas of the alliance, are also involved in various other environmental initiatives, based on local needs and challenges. 

The present members of the alliance are:

  • Luanda: PDO Angola
  • N’dalatando: Complexo Escolar Dom Bosco
  • Utrail : Don Bosco Centre
  • Goma: Don Bosco Goma ITIG
  • Santiago: Instituto Politécnico Industrial de Santiago
  • Santo Domingo: Fundacion Salesiana Don Bosco
  • Santo Domingo: Plaza Educativa Don Bosco
  • Suva: Don Bosco House
  • Hong Kong: Don Bosco Youth Services 
  • Hong Kong: Salesian Cooperators, EAO (East Asia Oceania)
  • Salesian Cooperators, EAO (East Asia Oceania)
  • Nairobi: Don Bosco Development Outreach Network
  • Nairobi: Don Bosco Tech Africa
  • Antananarivo: Salésiens de Don Bosco
  • Lilongwe: Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute
  • Dingli : Savio College
  • Bharoul : Morning Star School
  • Kathmandu : Don Bosco Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • Lalitpur: Nepal Don Bosco School
  • Port Moresby : Don Bosco Techncial Institute
  • Huye : Don Bosco Rango TVET
  • Kigali : Africa Great Lakes – PDO
  • Kigali : Don Bosco Gatenga TVET
  • Kigali : Don Bosco VTC Muhazi
  • Salesian Cooperators, EAO (East Asia Oceania)
  • Ahungalla: Don Bosco Chinthanaloka Institute of Philosophy and Humanities
  • Kilinochchi: Don Bosco Technical Institute 
  • Negombo : Don Bosco Development Office
  • Salesian Cooperators, EAO (East Asia Oceania)
  • Salesian Cooperators, EAO (East Asia Oceania)
  • Lomé : Centre des Jeunes Don Bosco
  • Kampala : Don Bosco Children And Life Mission
  • Kamuli : St. Joseph Vocational Training Centre
  • Chingola : Don Bosco Skill Centre
  • Kabwe:  Don Bosco Makululu Primary School
  • Kazembe : Don Bosco Agriculture Training Centre
  • Lusaka : Don Bosco Youth Reach Out
  • Lusaka: Planning and Development Office
  • Lusaka : Salesian Society of Don Bosco